What you need if you are looking for a bathroom makeover

We spend time every day, every day, in our bathroom. And yet how long does it take to pamper her? In a bathroom, you have to feel good. It must energize us on waking and also soothe us to go to bed. Bathroom makeover need the following element for it to be affordable and comfortable.

Change the color of the walls

To give a little pep to the decor of your bathroom this winter, why not rethink the color of the walls? White brings brightness and good mood in the morning, and for a touch of vitality and good looks, opt for a colorful wall. According to your desires, you can choose among many moods and many colors:

• Clear colors for a bathroom full of softness: water green, powder blue or lavender

• Vibrant colors for a vitamin-rich bathroom: a touch of red, purple or royal blue will put you in a good mood for the whole day!

If you opt for paint rather than tiling on your bathroom walls, do not forget to opt for a paint adapted to damp rooms!

Opt for sticker tiling

This winter, you do not want to embark on major projects, but you would still like to give a boost to your bathroom? Adhesive tiling is for you! You can choose from many colors and patterns that perfectly imitate many traditional tile styles. You just need to clean the surface on which you want to put your new tiles, and ask the tile cut beforehand to the correct dimensions. No need for glue or special tools to give a facelift to your bathroom!

Bet on accessories

To revamp your bathroom without breaking the bank this winter, a good solution is to start by decluttering it. Store all your products in beautiful bamboo or ceramic boxes for a natural ambience, or opt for a new glass of toothbrush on the wall and a metal soap dish for a modern style. Changing the shower curtain will also give an impression of significant novelty in your bathroom! Do not forget the plants, which will easily change the atmosphere of your bathroom. Choose plants that like humidity, such as ferns or orchids.

Give your bathroom a "Spa" ambience

With winter, on a desire to relax after facing the cold outside. To do this, what better than to give a "spa" atmosphere to your bathroom? The sweetness of the spa, you dream, opt for natural materials: stone, wood, linen, and bamboo. These noble materials bring a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. Also prefer soft and warm colors: beige, gray, chocolate or cream, which you could possibly marry to natural tones like green or blue. To complete this relaxing atmosphere, play on the accessories: soft and soft towels, natural sponges and why not a loudspeaker to listen to relaxing music in your new wellness area. There are hot tubs for saleavailable on the website https://www.tropicspa.com/

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