How to install a spa?

Installing a spa is a particularly important step in your project that requires you to take several considerations into account. Choice of location, nature of the work and regulations in force: we will explain everything to ensure an optimal installation of your new relaxation ally!

Determine the location of the spa

The first step is to choose the location for your spa. Depending on your possibilities and preferences, you can install the pond inside your home or outside, in your garden.

Install a spa outside

Choosing the location for an outdoor jacuzi spa requires careful consideration. Indeed, the challenge is to combine the practicality and the aesthetic side. Ideally, your pond is easy to access and blends in perfectly with your surroundings.  Think about the potential vis-à-vis in order to preserve your privacy and limit noise disturbance (filtration system, whirlpool, audio system) avoid installing your spa near trees as the leaves may soil the water and the cover. To protect it from the elements, you can also choose to install your spa under a shelter. It is quite possible to install your spa on an already existing terrace, if the latter can support the weight of the pool. Otherwise, reinforcement work will have to be carried out.

Install a spa indoors

With its high temperature, the spa gives off a lot of moisture. If you opt for an indoor installation, several essential points should be taken into account:

The room that receives it must contain an effective ventilation system to avoid excessive condensation and mold (especially if there are no additional openings) The floor must be resistant to water and chemicals, waterproof in the event of a leak and non-slip to limit falls. Walls and furniture should be treated to resist moisture and splash In order to limit any damage, we recommend that you reserve a specific room for your spa.

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