The real power of relaxation

Hot tubs or spas are bathtubs more or less large equipped with nozzles propelling a mix of air and water. Immersion during this hot predicament provides an instantaneous sense of relaxation. What are the opposite virtues of hot tubs, what precautions to require and are there any contraindications when you go for jacuzzi hot tubs for sale?

Relaxation, massage and other benefits

When immersed during a hot bathtub (33 to 40oC), air bubbles have a soothing effect and therefore the well-being felt helps to combat stress, anxiety and improves sleep quality.

The benefits of hydro massage

  1. Water jets have massaging virtues on the entire body or during a targeted way counting on the orientation of the nozzles and their power. They will be wont to eliminate muscle tension, relieve the joints of individuals with osteoarthritis and arthritis (effect enhanced by the sensation of weightlessness), lower vital sign, back stiffness.
  2. Hydro massage stimulates blood circulation and facilitates the elimination of poisons.
  3. Balneotherapy would even have an impression on digestive disorders, cellulite, migraines, heavy legs, etc. to not mention a firming effect of the tissues and particularly of the skin.
  4. Finally, with family, friends or team, the recent tub has the advantage of developing conviviality.

Precautions and contraindications of the recent tub

  • Sessions shouldn't exceed half-hour at the danger of drowsiness or maybe hyperthermia.
  • The temperature shouldn't exceed 40oC for equivalent reasons and to avoid any risk of burns.
  • Watch out for the facility of the jets. Especially, no throws too violent for people with little muscle at the danger of causing trauma to the tissues.
  • Large sudden temperature differences can strain the guts. The alternating bathtub and cold shower is therefore contraindicated in people with heart problems.
  • Beware of hygiene and maintenance rules for decent tubs, otherwise bacteria may develop and cause infections.

Relaxation via bathtub is very beneficial for your health and wellbeing. It is also important to avoid neglecting the fact that it may also have some negative effects.

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