All of the jacuzzis for sale at Tropicspa

The jacuzzi is an outdoor facility with unanimous recognition of its health benefits. It offers a nice massage sensation, fitted with a bubble diffusion system and a massage engine. How to choose the best relaxation area, faced with the many technologies offered by manufacturers? Find our best selection of jacuzzis for sale for your choice in this guide.

Stiff spa

This 3-person outdoor hot tub invites you to relax. Take time to relax and take advantage of balneotherapy after work. This spa has an acrylic bath with a PVC base that is highly resistant. It is tested with a control panel. Its 400l capacity and large size are suitable for 2 or alone bathing. A waterproof protective cover and a safety lock are installed in this jacuzzi. It's fitted with a liquid cartridge liquid skimmer. Its LED lighting projector creates an original atmosphere at night.

Hydrojet square spa

Enjoy the beneficial effects of your Bestway brand bathtub all year round. a true relaxation area, it's equipped with reclining seats and a thermal groundsheet. Its massage system guarantees you perfect relaxation. Its internal structure is especially solid. made from PVC, this bathtub is meant for long-term use. When the spa isn't in use, it are often protected with its insulating cover. It comes with filter cartridges that make it easier to take care of . With a capacity of 1050L, it's equipped with a rapid heating plant .

Spa rigid luxa

This 5-person spa jacuzzi is right for resting from the fatigue of the day. It are often utilized in summer also as in winter. Its acrylic structure with PVC covering gives it perfect stability and great strength. Equipped with an LED lighting system, it pleasantly illuminates your outdoor spaces. With a capacity of 1200 L, it's a complicated instrument panel. When the spa isn't in use, it are often covered with the thermal blanket given purchase. Its insulation system is provided by a heat barrier located on the walls. Powerful, it comes with a filtration pump and a massage pump.

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